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The AVIKO ball scanner is designed for non-destructive high-speed inspection of balls (up to 34 000 pcs/hr.), where the surface and sub surface quality is evaluated using probes. The types of probes that are used are dependent on the type of material of the ball.

It is also possible to purchase additional accessories for the AVIKO machine, such as elevators, conservation units, demagnetizers, packaging machines or a complete line that automates the entire process such as demagnetizer, AVIKO, diameter sorter and ball packaging inline. 

Technical specification

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1 210 x 1 060 x 1 650 (mm)

Power consumption:

max. 200 Wh

Ball range Ø

5,556 - 10,319 (mm)

Transport box:

1 244 x 1 544 x 1 044 (mm)


230V or 110V, 50hz/60Hz

Weight (Netto/brutto):

170 / 305 (kg)

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Order number: K 097 500

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