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ibg Group offers special systems for the automation of the production process. We provide automation for small and complex processes or the production of special products designed to improve the quality of the production processes. Projects consist of coal packaging line, banknote punching machines, variouscamera inspections integrated into existing production lines etc. Our large production facilities and extensive team of designers are ready to meet your expectations. Below you can find examples we have designed.

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The packaging machine is designed to pack balls at the same speed of the Aviko ball scanner in orderto not slow down the process. Also the packaging machine is capable to operate as standalone unit with the possibilty of a direct connection to any machine or straight to the end of production line. As a standard, the packaging machine has a built in anti-corrosive inhibitor/spray which can be activated per the needs of the operator. The machine is equipped with a ball counter and terminal to set the batch size. The loading tower and unloading belt size can be increased per client specifications. This particular design is used only with KTL boxes (200x150x120)

Technical specification

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2,778 - 19,080


Per client specifications the loading tower and unloading belt is modifiable per specific needs.

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Order number: S 081 500

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