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Special systems

ibg Group offers special systems for the automation of the production process. We provide automation for small and complex processes or the production of special products designed to improve the quality of the production processes. Projects consist of coal packaging line, banknote punching machines, variouscamera inspections integrated into existing production lines etc. Our large production facilities and extensive team of designers are ready to meet your expectations. Below you can find examples we have designed.

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   The demagnetizer is intended to demagnetize balls prior to entering the ball scanners. It is mandatory that balls are demagnetized prior to the scanning process for all ball scanners. The main eddy-current probe is responsible for the detection of cracks and sub-surface defects, which is strongly influenced by the magnetism. This could lead to the false results. The demagnetizer can be connected to the AVIKO ball scanners or used as a standalone unit.

Technical specification (0306)

Dimensions (WxDxH):

1 050 x 1 000 x 1 600 (mm)


230V, 50Hz/60Hz (E plug)   110V, 50Hz/60Hz (B plug)

Load (kg):



Order number:



K 076 200A

The size of the demagnetization surface is 250x180 (mm). Once the balls pass through the demagnetization process, they can either be transported directly into the ball scanner or into a holdingcontainer.

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