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Roller Sorters

ibg Group offers special systems for the automation of the production process. We provide automation for small and complex processes or the production of special products designed to improve the quality of the production processes. Projects consist of coal packaging line, banknote punching machines, variouscamera inspections integrated into existing production lines etc. Our large production facilities and extensive team of designers are ready to meet your expectations. Below you can find examples we have designed.

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Diameter and Length Sorter 1865

Technical specification


Roller length:

5 600 x 2 200 x 1 920 (mm)

18 - 65 (mm)

Power consumption:

Roller width:

max. 1000 Wh

17,9 - 95 (mm)


Weight (Netto):

230V or 110V, 50hz/60Hz

820 (kg)

DLSR 1865 is a automatic sorting machine for the measurement of the diameter and length of steel cylindrical rollers. The parts are transported to the measuring point by means of an input conveyor. At the measuring point, the part type surfaces are scanned using 3 probes at the same time - Two probes are designed to scan the length and one probe is designed to scan the diameter. Once the scan is completed the part types are sorted (30 groups + 2 NOK or 15 groups + 1 NOK) The machine is designed for dimensional inspection of cylindrical rollers in the nominal range from 18 to 65 mm and in diameter from 17.5 to 95 mm in length. 


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perspective view

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top view

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front view

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