Bearing 2018 Exposition

September/ People's Republic of China, Shanghai

Our company Sorting solutions Ltd. took part in the Chinese international trade fair Bearing in cooperation with M&T Marketing and trading far east.Tha axposition took place in the Shangai during 19.-22.9.2018. A new range of G2 bearing ball sorting machines was introduced at the fair. Visitors could see AVIKO 60100 G2 machines with compact magazine, small machine 0230 G2 or machine for sorting of bearing balls from 3mm to 10mm diameter into DS 0310.

Control 2018 Exposition

April/ Germany, Stuttgart

At the end of April 2018, our company exhibited in cooperation with the German company ibg Prüfcomputer GmbH. The AVIKO 60 - 100 G2 machine was on display. The machine is designed to control the quality of steel bearing spheres using eddy currents, optical laser inspection and vibration control in one inspection point. The check is carried out over the entire surface of the ball by turning the ball with rollers. It is possible to connect the unit and probes from IBG, known worldwide and used in a large number of high-tech companies such as TESLA inc., Thyssenkrupp AG and many others. This combination of the AVIKO machine and the IBG evaluation unit makes the machine the world's best sorting machine for steel bearing balls. The machine comes with complete language support, warranty, yearly calibrations and support in all languages. more info at: